Santa Is My Friend Press Release October 01, 2015 23:27

Enchanting New Children’s Book Invites Kids to Become Buddies with the Jolliest of Them All: Santa Claus

Written by Marisa Medlin and Kelly Melancon, ‘Santa Is My Friend’ is a unique new festive book, inspired by Medlin’s many experiences dealing with tears, fears and second-thoughts as her son sat on Santa’s knee. Teaming up with Melancon, the mother-daughter duo set out to create a spellbinding new picture book to teach children that Santa is actually their friend. The book package also includes a 5x7 keepsake picture frame, to provide children with a sense of accomplishment by displaying a photo with Santa after they have conquered their fear.

For Immediate Release

Magnolia, TX, October 1, 2015 –
 Like millions of parents around the world, Marisa Medlin and her Husband Shawn patiently waited in line so their two year-old son, Cannon, could meet Santa. When Cannon’s time came to sit on that world-famous knee... (read more)