My Favorite Recipes! October 29, 2015 14:58

As we approach the Christmas season, so many fond memories come to mind. One of my favorite activities as a child was baking cookies for Santa and putting out reindeer dust for the reindeer, including Rudolph himself to enjoy. My mom, both sisters, and I would bake chocolate chip cookies and decorate homemade sugar cookies for Santa. He absolutely LOVED the treats we left out for him along with a warm cup of cocoa. I’m positive Santa needed a snack by the time he reached our home. While Santa enjoyed his treats, the reindeer recharged their energy with the reindeer dust that my sisters and I graciously sprinkled on the lawn Christmas Eve night. I have included a link for the cookie recipes, magic reindeer dust and the hot cocoa. Santa and his reindeer really do enjoy them!

-Kelly Melancon