The Story

Santa Is My Friend® is a warm holiday book about a little boy’s journey of meeting Santa for the first time. Each unit includes a beautifully illustrated hardcover book and a keepsake 5x7 picture frame. Coupled with the story in the book, this frame can be used as an incentive for children to take a happy picture with Santa when the time comes! Children can then proudly display their photo at home throughout the holiday season. This book is a fun family read that teaches a lesson of courage and overcoming fear.

The idea behind Santa Is My Friend came to fruition several years ago from an experience Marisa Medlin (Co-author) and her husband Shawn shared with their son, Cannon, who was two years old at the time. Like a lot of children, Cannon has always participated in many Christmas traditions, including meeting Santa himself. Giving Santa a hug and taking a good picture was something Cannon often talked excitedly about, yet when it came time to sit on Santa’s lap, he became very scared! Even after discussing frequently that Santa is our friend and there is no need to be afraid of him, the scenario always turned out the same. This led to many tears, sad photos, or Shawn and Marisa having to jump into the picture in order to get a smile! 

After speaking to many parents who experienced the same scenario, we realized how many children could benefit from a story focused on the concept of befriending Santa. We have included the Santa Is My Friend keepsake picture frame to give children the opportunity to experience a sense of accomplishment and pride when they conquer their fear and are able to put their happy photo in the frame! Our hope is that Santa Is My Friend will create special memories for your children and family, just as it has for ours.

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